How many hours are required to complete the Barber Course?
The Board of Barbering and Cosmetology requires that you attend a minimum of 1500 hours.
Approximately how long must I attend in order to complete the course?
You can complete in 10 months if you attend full time.  You can attend full time or part time.  The time that it will take you in order to complete will have to be calculated by how many hours you can attend per week in order to obtain the 1500 hours needed.  School hours are 8AM to 5PM Tuesday-Friday and Saturday 8AM to 3PM.
When Can I start?
Bakersfield Barber College has open enrollment.  You can begin classes on any Tuesday of the month.
Will I have to Pay the entire Tuition to start?
You may start with a payment of $1,450.00 and make monthly payments thereafter.
Where do I take the exam?
You can take the examination at the facility at 995 Oliver Drive, Sacramento or 710 SOuth Central Avenue, Glendale, CA
If I fail the examination do I have to return to a barber college?
Bakersfield Barber College, Inc. has one of the finest passage records according to the Department of Consumer Affairs web stats, however if you fail the examination you must take the entire exam again.  You can immediately apply for re-examination.  Going back to school for a refresher course if also an option.
What will the exam consist of?
You will perform the following procedures, shave, facial, scalp manipulation, shampoo, haircut and style.  Additionally, you will demonstrate your chemical knowledge by performing certain procedures on a mannequin.  There will also be a written portion of your examination that consists of 40 questions.
Can a barber and a cosmetologist work in the same shop?
California issues an Establishment license, allowing both to work under the same license, only restricted by their license expertise.
Is it possible to use a Barber Pole for advertising purposes:
The law is very specific and states that no similarities of the Barber Pole may be used unless there is a LICENSED BARBER working in the establishment.  The Inspector can levy a fine for any violations.  Business and Professional Code 7349.1
Can I cut hair for donation or tips while I wait for my exam?
The law specifically states that you can not perform acts of barbering in a licensed establishment.  Business and Professional Code 7316-7320.5.