Lynette (Louisiana)

 "This has been a great learning experience.  I've made life-long friends and I greatly appreciate everything you guys have done.  I now understand that with structure and discipline you will succeed in life and I'm on my way!  Thanks to the Moreno family." 

James R.

 "My experience here at Bakersfield Barber College has been a good one.  I've learned a lot here.  I believe the things n my life that have changed from going through this program will help me on my way to success." 

Nelson V.

 "I really had a good experience in Bakersfield Barber College.  I will never forget all the good advice that Al, Rose, Chrissy, John and Adriana gave me; especially my parents and most important my younger brother.  He was the person who had the most faith in me and my other brother and last but not least I give God thanks for giving me the door in my life.  So thank you to all of the BBC Staff and students.  Thank you and God Bless You all" 

Tony A.

 "Not only did I learn the proper structure for hair cuts but also I learned dialog, communication skills, how to structure myself around my responsibilities as a barber. I also came to have a new family and as a "black" smock I had the privilege to learn about the business side of a barber shop and with my instructors I learned a lot and important characteristics to make it in this field and life.  I am very grateful and appreciative to all my barber family.  Special thanks to Al, John, Adriana and Rene!" 

Scott A.

 "My experience at the Bakersfield Barber College was a success.  Thru trials and tribulations I've learned structure and discipline to gain success.  I've had a wonderful time here at BBC; this has become my second home and my second family.  Thank you BBC for everything." 

Daniel B.

 When I came to Bakersfield Barber College I was at a crossroad in my life.  I was making a huge change in my life and staring here was just the beginning.  At the beginning of my schooling here it was a little bit difficult for me adapting to a new way of life but with the school's tough love approach they helped me turn my life around.  Throughout my experience at the school they took me under their wings and helped me become a better person and barber.  I came into this school as some lost and confused man and now I am leaving here a better person and more determined person and I owe a lot to this school and their staff. 

Felipe C.

 My experience at Bakersfield Barber College was one I will never forget.  Not only did I learn to cut hair but I got to meet new people and make friends.  The instructors at the school are some of the best they help with the State Board and with any trouble you come across when dealing with a barber shop.  Bakersfield Barber College is a great school to attend.  

Kamille, Cosmetologist

 Going to Barber School has opened my options with clientele.  I am now able to serve men with more services such as shaves and more advanced cuts.  I met new friends and had a good experience while at Barber College. 

Christian M.

 My experience at barber college was one of a kind.  So many people you meet and get to know you and you learn so much about not just cutting hair but about life.  You also learn from your mistakes but I will never forget the times and memories I've had here, I miss BBC. 

Reina B.

 I liked that Adriana was so helpful with preparing me for the State Board manikin procedures.  I feel that Cosmo cross-overs would benefit from more instruction on tapering and which manikins to use,  though the program is so sort for us that it helps to get the training in what we need to get better at.  I think that adding Fred & George to the instructor team will really help the students in the future.  Overall a great experience.