John G. Moreno

  Attended Porterville High School in Porterville,CA; he graduated and received his diploma in 2011.  He also attended Bakersfield Barber College in 2011 and became a licensed barber in February 2012.  John is currently attending Bakersfield College and majoring in Business Management.  John's position at Bakersfield Barber  College, Inc. is Vice President. 


Alfred A. Moreno

 Entered the barber profession after graduating from High School in 1969.  He attended Moler Barber College in Bakersfield Caifornia where he graduated and received his Barber License in 1970.  He also attended College of the Sequoias in Visalia, Cailfornia for two years where he majored in Business Administration.  Alfred has been self-employed for the past 42 years and has successfully owned three Barber Shops.  Al received his Barber Instructor License and Certificate in 1991 and now serves as a Consultant to the College.   


Adriana Moreno

 Graduated from Porterville High School in Porterville,CA in 2011 and also attended Porterville College where she was an Art Major.  She received her barber license in February of 2012 and holds the position of Corporate Secretary/Director of Bakersfield Barber College, Inc.